The following are comments from young people taken from our recent evaluation exercise :-

“There’s nothing to do on the estate, I get bored a lot.  It’s the only place that can get you away for a bit” Young person​

​“Children on the estate grow up knowing about Inclusion Ventures through a brother or a cousin.  It’s got roots in the area.  You can’t buy that.  The kids trust it” Trustee​

​“It’s all we have here on the estate, there’s nothing else for us to do, it’s somewhere safe for us to go and without it we’d be getting into trouble”. Young Person​
"Inclusion Ventures is all about traditional values; team games, standing on the sidelines cheering the children on, having meals together-things that are often missing in todays modern family" Manager
​“I’m not allowed to go out on the estate unless it’s to youthy at the community centre Young person​
"I think the food should be free at boys group" Young Person
"I think we should be able to paint, decorate and change the building" Young Person
"Thank you for today I really enjoyed it and didn’t realise how much fun it would be, even though it was absolutely freezing, the atmosphere was so good" Young Person 
 “It’s a shame there wasn’t more of us here today, can we do this again?  The kids that went to the Airshow missed out, and the burgers were awesome”. Young person