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Clacton & Jaywick Bike Kitchens

 Clacton next to Coppins Hall Community Centre 

Wednesday 19.00pm-21.00pm

Community Bike Kitchen 

(age  7+)

 Jaywick next to Unit 8 Enterprise Centre

Wednesday 16.00pm- 18.00pm

Community Bike Kitchen

(7+ years)

We run two Bike Kitchens from Clacton and Jaywick .

Both are welcome the community to visit any Wednesday evening to learn new skills and be helped to fix your own bikes by our dedicated volunteers and staff.

We understand how important bikes are as an inexpensive and healthy mode of transport.

We have a range of parts available on a ‘pay what you can afford’ basis .

Refreshments are always available but do dress warmly in winter as this is a largely outdoor activity!

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