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As well as providing lots of fun opportunities and activities we also pride ourselves on ‘being there” for children and young people over the long term through many transitional stages such as moving from primary to secondary school or from school into employment.

By being a consistent presence we are also there for the unexpected changes that can occur such as bereavement, parental ill health or family separation.


It is suggested that at any one time, up to 20% of children and young people may be affected by emotional and behavioural problems such as anxiety disorders, depression, attention deficit disorders, or defiant disorders. A number of our children are particularly vulnerable emotionally. Some are sole carers for their parents with complex health and mental health needs.


Children tell us that when they need extra support they would rather it was from familiar and trusted adults. We are therefore in a unique position to mentor or even provide counselling for young people at the more difficult and challenging times in their lives. All of our staff have a basic knowledge of emotional issues such as attachment and trauma. We currently have a Music Therapist and a Play Therapist working within our services and an experienced therapeutic supervisor on our board of trustees.

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