Youth Panellists Timeline

16th September 2014 

Clacton Youth Panellists hold their first meeting and  name themselves P.K.P Percy King Panel.

27th September 2014

P.K.P held a coffee morning for the communnity in aid of Mcmillan



23rd October 2014

Jaywick Youth Panel held their first meeting 

24th October 2014

P.K.P created and delivered their Autumn newsletter to the community

15th November 2014

P.K.P created a fundrasing bike ride in aid of Children in Need. Biking from Clacton Pier to Walton Pier 20 miles!

20th November 2014

Jaywick Youth Panel start a gardening project called "Home Grown" and write to local nurseries for the donations of plants to brighten up Jaywick. 

8th  December 2014

P.K.P created a letter and started collection for Trussels food bank over Christmas, collecting food amoungst all of our groups for those less fortunate. 

17th December 2014

P.K.P shared their Christmas spirit with the local community by throwing the bingo group a small party hosting music and food. 

18th December 2014

Jaywick youth panel go out as part of "Home Grown" and plant bulbs in Brooklands ready for them to bloom in spring

21st January 2015

PKP meet with Tendring County Council to create partnership to have their say and create an impact in their community.

22nd January 2015

Jaywick Youth Panel create and display posters to encourage people to clean up after and take responsibility of their dogs in the community 

18th February 2015

PKP and Jaywick Youth Panel join together along with Tendring District Council for a trip to Hackney London to meet "YEP" Youth Empowerment Project to gain inspiraion and share experiences and see how they create impact in their community. 


10th March 2015

PKP go into sessions across Inclusion Ventures and create the Youth Forums. They will ask young people their opinions on how we run our services. PKP will then present their findings to our staff were they will be involved in making these changes. 

13th May 2015

PKP send off their O2 Think Big Application that they had been working towards over the last few weeks. It is for funding towards our annual Community Day.

19th May 2015

PKP was awarded £1850 grant for the bid they helped produce for furniture to decorate our front office and a trip for our young people to go to London.

10th June 2015

In partnership with Tendring District Council, PKP have created the Young Residents Association. They will meet every 6 weeks with TDC and imporve the community they live in. 

PKP's O2 Think BIg Application was accepted and they were awarded £300 towards our annual Fun Day.