Youth Panel

Our mission is to be the voices of the children & young people, to inform and give each of our personal opinions and perspective on how to help our community to make it a happier and better place to be.

George, 16 years old 


George has lived on the estate for all of his life and his family for 27 years.

What George likes about the estate is Inclusion Ventures; he has been coming here since the age of 7 and loves the sociable and friendly environment at the community centre were we are based. Something he would change about the estate is more options for young people.

Layne, 17 years old


Layne has lived on the estate for 6 years and used our services since moving here, Layne is also a regular volunteer in our sessions.

What Layne likes about the estate is the staff of Inclusion Ventures are approachable and trustworthy.

What Layne would like to change about the estate would be the community spirit. How Layne would like to change that is by getting the community together and involved in something to make them passionate for the estate.

Chloe, 12 years old 


Chloe has lived on the estate for 12 years and has been attending girls group regularly for 2 years.

What Chloe likes about living on the estate is coming to our sessions and having fun with our friendly staff.

What Chloe would like to change about the estate is tidying up and fixing its parks making it a tidier and safer place to play outside of sessions. 

Shannon, 13 years old


Shannon has lived on the estate for 3 years and attends girls group regularly.

What Shannon likes about the estate is its large community.

What Shannon would like to do for this community is fundraise for those in need.